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Hello and welcome at Luebeck University of Applied Sciences.
We warmely would like to introduce ourself and give an idea of who we are, what we do, how we act and to whom we address.
Who we are: We unite knowledge, structure and competence in a strong partnership.We use resources entrusted to us to creatively, economically and responsibly. We work within personal and technical networks regionally and internationally.We fulfil our legal responsibility actively and competitively.
What we do: We provide knowledge and an education which leads to independent and responsible actions. We solve practically-oriented tasks in research and development. Our application-oriented teaching has scientific and artistic bases. Feeling a responsibility towards society, we contribute to the positive development of the region and the country.
How we act: We are a university team that comes to decisions with a wide open mind. We involve ourselves, using our professional competencies, personal characteristics and interests we live equal opportunity. We understand our profession as being of economic, cultural and social value to our society. We constantly improve our offerings of courses and structures, our know-how, and our activities. This is the foundation of our success.
Whom we address: For  women and men we open up the educational dimensions of expert knowledge, methods and behavior. We actively approach people who want to educate themselves and continue their educations. We seek contacts to schools, industry and institutions. We offer  transfers of knowledge and technology, counselling and continuing education we support business start-ups.



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