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There are different prerequisites studying the German Bachelors or Masters, or the international programs.

For information concerning the German programs please refer to the German webpages: German Information about Application.

The MSOE- and the ECUST-Bachelor-programs have special arrangements.

There are two different ways to study in the LUAS-MSOE program. Students either have to be enrolled at the MSOE or they are LUAS-students in the core education. Therefore, students must be enrolled in Luebeck in either "Bachelor's Program Maschinenbau", "Bachelor's Program Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen" or "Bachelor's Program Kommunikations-, Informations- und Mikrotechnik".

To study in the ECUST-program students have to be enrolled at the ECUST.

To apply for one of the International Master programs students need to have an adequate Bachelor’s degree, and they have to proof a specific knowledge in English to apply.
Application information about Biomedical Engineering (starts each September)
Application information about Mechanical Engineering (starts each March)

For further information please get in contact with the admission office/ international office:
Mrs. Dr. Dagmar Diehl, diehl@fh-luebeck.de, tel.: +49 451 300-5098

Fees/ Semester registration

All students must pay a semester fee (including, among others, the fee for the semester ticket for local public transport as well as the fee for the “AStA” (Student Council)). The fee currently amounts to approx. 100 Euros. This amount must be transferred each June and December for the following semester. The updated fee can be seen on the German webpage called "Rueckmeldung".

Address:  Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein
Account:  250 021 97Bank Code: 210 501 70 (Foerdesparkasse Kiel)
Reference:  „Matriculation Number"  and semester (e.g. 20111)

For online programs, media fees are due. Apart from that, currently no tuition fees are charged by Luebeck University of Applied Sciences.


The Luebeck University of Applied Sciences does not have any possibility to award scholarships of its own. For information and counseling on external programs and scholarships for students, please contact:
Dr. Dagmar Diehl, diehl@fh-luebeck.de, tel.:  +49 (0)451-300 5098

Academic Calender


Exams take place at the end of each semester. The exact dates can be seen on the academic calender above. Students have to register for each examination and lab they want to attend. Therefore, students have to register in the office of the department (Sekretariat des Fachbereichs); students can only attend an examination if they are registered. The deadlines for the registration are also published on the academic calender. The registration is valid for the forthcoming examination period only. If students fail an exam they have two more attempts. If students fail an exam for the third time they will be exmatriculated and won’t be able to get a degree.

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